RCBC Boiler In Action


See for yourself what it looks like to convert waste into energy. Simply talking about the system as a concept is not enough, seeing it in action makes us realize the usefulness to our communities and ultimately our world.

This video shows everything from the process of loading the fuel (waste) into the boiler, the conveyor system, the rotation speed of the boiler, steam capture, and the technology to run the entire system.

Material Recovery Facility of the Future


The Rotary Cascading Bed Combustor RCBC boiler produces energy from municipal, industrial, and sewer sludge waste and possesses the amazing ability to burn coal safely with no harmful emissions.

There are no other systems being built that operate as efficiently and are as cost effective. The byproduct of the RCBC Boiler system is a fly-off ash we call “X-Soil” and can be used for topsoil as a component in concrete block and MFD.

The System Works


When explaining how the RCBC boiler functions many people think this it is new technology. They are partially correct. However for the most part this system is a traditional boiler that uses prepared waste as fuel. Boilers have been around since 1712 and the basic concept is that you burn something to create steam. The steam then can be used to generate power or heat.

Our system is different because we add in rotation which improves how much of the fuel is burned up. There is still more to the process, although you will learn a lot through watching this video.

Trash Into Power


Watch the news coverage of our boiler. KWCH News 12 tells the story of Harvey County, Kansas and it's pursuit to convert municipal waste into energy. The story is from 2005 but the desire for communities to do this is still a crucial reality.

The benefits of implementing the RCBC boiler system for Harvey County are indeed financial and energy savings. However, the benefit that drives us is less waste going to landfills and ultimately saving the water table from dangerous leaching.

Help us make this a big issue again. Would you like to see something like this in your town?